Culture – a wide interpretable word – a huge concept. A lot have been written about culture, about what it means, about different models which try to explain what culture is.  Honestly, I think everyone has his own individual culture. Influenced by our environment. Influenced by people we got to know, by experiences we made.

In another country, far away from where you grew up, you’ll notice the difference between cultures even more than at home. There will be things you are going to like and things you will dislike. You will get to know other people – everyone does. And here we reach the point: It is very easy to get along very well with another person that has something in common with you – that’s great.  What about totally different people?  Should I deny myself and adopt the culture I am confronted with?

Moreover, what makes this world beautiful? Isn’t it the diversity of nature, of colors, of languages? Isn’t it the diversity of people? Yes it is. I like diversity! You can learn from it, you can learn and adopt or you can reject. I think, we should never deny our identity, because we are part of the great diversity we live in. Represent and adopt at the same time. Everyone has an individual culture. To conclude in a view words: stay open-minded and be yourself.

I like to know what your opinion is.